In business today, corporations are finding that searching for the right resources to fill open job requirements is very time consuming and expensive. In the 25 years Delta has been in business, we have built a national network of qualified people. This, together with our industry-experienced recruiting support team and our process, allows a quick response to today’s requirements. We have access to a repository of skilled professionals that we draw from to efficiently and effectively provide qualified candidates to you. Our team of professionals has over 30+ years of experience in Management, Sales, Finance, Human Resources, Recruiting, Software Development and Marketing to successfully recruit and vet candidates saving time and money for you.

Delta’s staffing offering provides the flexibility required by today’s companies. Our services are offered across all business units, whether management, administrative, technology, or a support group. Delta has the experience and ability to provide the correct resources for your temporary and permanent staffing needs.

We are a boutique staffing organization with a proven record of over 25 years of providing highly qualified, experienced resources to help fill your recruitment needs, exceeding your expectations. Let our dedicated and experienced team streamline the process and save you time and money.

Temporary positions, whether a short term assignment or longer, this allows you the opportunity to work with an experienced consultant for as long or short period as you desire.

Temporary to Permanent affords you the ability to work with a consultant for a period of time and then elect to offer that individual a permanent position within your organization without further recruiting efforts.

Permanent Direct Hire provides annual salaried candidates to you for permanent positions.

RaaS Delta offers a monthly retainer fee program. Recruiting as a Service (RaaS) to assist with cash flow limitations for startup and small businesses. Let us help you get back to  growing your business and not losing sleep over your staffing needs.

Delta’s Recruiting Process:

Whether the placement is Temporary, Temporary to Permanent or Permanent, Delta will never cut corners on qualifying the candidate for you. Our recruiting process is timely yet extremely thorough. Candidates have a minimum of two interviews within Delta and a technical interview, if applicable, to qualify their skill set. We ensure that the candidate meets the job requirement objectives and present only those who we feel have truly met the qualifications. In our presentation to you of each candidate, we will provide their resume and highlight the strengths of the candidate. Our team will arrange all interview appointments and follow up with both you and the candidate for feedback afterwards. You will have no responsibility for candidate search expenses incurred by Delta. We shall bear all of the costs incurred in providing the staffing services including any advertising, pre-screening interviews, in-person interviews, technical interviews, standard background checks, (upon request), phone and internet usage charges and travel expenses, if applicable.

Why should you choose Delta for your Staffing needs?