Hiring Process

Delta Corporate Services is in the business of providing quality solutions based on the expertise of an experienced and dedicated staff. We invest in our consultants so that our clients are comfortable in making an investment in us. To that end, we make sure that every candidate we present to a client meets the high standards of our hiring process. Delta’s hiring process consists of the following steps:

  • Initial Screening – After an initial resume review, every applicant meets with one of our talented recruiters for an interview to give us an opportunity to learn about the candidate and see if they meet our stringent criteria to be a Delta consultant.
  • Skills Review – Once a candidate is approved following the initial interview, they will be subject to a skills review to gauge their proficiency in technical and business skills. Depending on our need, this may be either specific to a client’s business or technical requirements or general business experience and knowledge.
  • Account Manager / Service Manager Review – Because the success of our clients depends on our ability to provide quality solutions, we make sure our Delta consultants will be a good fit within our client accounts. An Account or Service Manager, specifically versed in the business and technical environment of our client accounts, will interview potential candidates to determine if they will be able to work within the client environment.

Delta Corporate Services is an EEO/AA Employer